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Mostly used by volleyball, basketball, badminton and other ball players. Other people who perform heavy-duty sports like weightlifting, fitness are often use.

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Specifications:Size: S, M, L or can be customized Color: multi-color or can be customized Gender: unisex Application: adult and children Logo: heat transfer, pvc lable.etc OEM/ODM accept Material: neoprene, nylon Function: relieve joint pain, protect knee from injury, provide good compressionProduct brief description:Mostly used by volleyball, basketball, badminton and other ball players. Other people who perform heavy-duty sports like weightlifting, fitness are often use. And also useful for running, hiking, cycling and other sports. The use of knee braces can better fix the joints, reduce the collision and fray of the joints in motion, and at the same time it can prevent the damage to the epidermis when falling during sports.Product Details:Studies have shown that just walking on flat ground, the knees are under 3-5 times the pressure of your weight, for overweight and obese elderly, their knees will be overwhelmed. In modern sports, the use of knee pads is very extensive. The knee is not only an extremely important part in sports, but also a relatively fragile and easy-to-injure part. It is also an extremely painful and slow recovery when injured, and even some people will appear to be painful when it rains and cloudy. The thick felt “knee pads” available in almost all sporting goods stores can reduce and avoid injuries to a certain extent. It can also play a role in cold protection in winter and is not expensive. The knee brace has three functions, one is braking, the other is heat preservation, and the third is health care. Not much to say about heat preservation. The knee part is very easy to get cold. Many knee joint diseases are related to the cold of the knee, especially in the mountains. The mountain wind is very cold and very hard. The knee is not hot because there is no muscle movement. When people feel that the heat dissipation of the legs is very comfortable, the knee is actually cold. At this time, if you wear knee pads, the knee pads can be insulated . Mainly talk about the braking effect of knee pads. The knee joint is where the upper and lower leg bones meet, there is a meniscus in the middle, and there is a patella in front. The patella is stretched by two muscles and floats before the junction of the leg bones. There is no vigorous exercise, so the patella can move normally in a small area on the knee. Because mountaineering exerts too much pressure on the knees, and the vigorous exercise in mountaineering, it is easy to cause the patella to be pulled away from the original part, which can cause diseases in the knee joint. With a knee brace, the patella can be fixed in a relatively stable position to ensure that it is not easily injured. The above is the light braking effect of the knee brace when the knee joint is not injured. After the knee joint injury, the knee brace with heavy braking can reduce the knee flexion and maintain a straight line from the thigh to the lower leg to reduce the knee joint. Bending to protect the knee joint from aggravating the condition.Knee Support Academic ArticleWhy people always get hurt during exercise? Do you feel pain in your knee after running or doing fitness exercises? Now many people hurt their knees while running. Some people hurt their knees after running for six or seven years. Some people hurt their knees after only a few months of running. Why people get hurt in running? First of all, excessive use, running for a long time and long distance outside of his ability. The other is the continuously accumulated reaction load. Kinesiologists found that 15% of the impact force generated by contact with the ground comes from rebound, and 35% comes from the vibration of the body. In fact, I can tell you clearly that if your knee is injured during running, it will be fully recovered, and the possibility of complete recovery is extremely small, and it is easy to leave sequelae, even if it looks good on the surface, waiting for your intense exercise It hurts again! So protecting your knee must start before you start running. Don’t wait until the knee shows signs of injury. It ’s particularly tricky at that time, and it is likely to cause permanent injury! In view of the current popularity of sports protective gear, wearing knee pads when running is very useful for people with knee injuries, wearing knee pads with injuries on the knees is quite beneficial to the knees, especially in sports with strong resistance, such as basketball mobilization, and knee pads are especially needed. Movement can not be done without the rotation and impact of the switch joint, which is easy to cause damage to the knee joint. The knee pad fits the knee and can better adjust the knee movement range during exercise, reduce the impact resistance, and avoid injury during exercise.

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