Sweat headband

Double layers knitted extra-plush that is soft and highly absorbent for maximum comfort, beautiful bright colors for your choices, comfortable to wear and be of durability, elastic sweatbands have good elasticity which make them fit most men and women, great for all sports, non-slip, odor-resistant organic keeps you looking great.

Products Details

Material Cotton, rubber
Size Adjustable
Color Multi-color
Function Absorb sweat, also can be good gift for sales promotion
Characteristics 1.The elastic headband provides support to you 
 OEM           2.Helps to support head
3.Comfortable to wear
4.Elastic design won't affect your movement
5.The good compression can make your head covered
6.It provides comfort, superior flexibility and durability for daily wear
Material Cotton, rubber
Product Details:Running is a very common sport, and many people take part in it, but you must be very sweaty during running, and bangs can also easily cover your eyes chaotically, and even sweat flows into the eyes, causing irritation to the cornea of the eyes. Over time, it leads to keratitis, trachoma, etc., and the biggest harm is the wind blowing into the forehead to catch cold, leading to severe migraine in old age, even dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms. You can wear a headband for these sports: running, badminton, basketball, baseball, table tennis, yoga, fitness, dance, mountaineering, and other sports. The original role of the headband is to fix the hair, prevent the hair from covering the eyes, and prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes. The headband looks delicate and soft. Good breathability and strong sweat absorption, especially suitable for people to use in sports, fitness and leisure. It is an excellent sporting goods and headwear, and it can be embroidered with patterns and LOGO specified by customers, and can be customized with various sizes and colors of advertising headbands according to customer needs. In sports such as mountaineering and cross-country, due to the violent exercise, the human head will generate heat and sweat, which is very different from the outside temperature. It is perfect to tie the headband to the forehead. Not only plays a role in keeping warm and cold, but also a good decoration. mmmxq2

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