Terry cloth wristband

It has a certain support and stabilization effect on the wrist joint, can ease the impact of external forces on the wrist, and provide comfort and appropriate joint warmth, suitable for most sports, can effectively prevent wrist dislocation in movement. Good performance of sweat absorption, comfortable to wear, patterns and colors can be customized.

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Why should people wear wrist brace? In the movement it can effectively protect the wrist, relieve the external pressure on the wrist, prevent sprain. Our towel wristbands are suitable for wrist pain and discomfort, mild strain/sprain, and are specially designed to make you feel fresh during exercise and effectively improve the bearing capacity of your wrist. Our products are made of high quality materials, which makes them comfortable to wear and can reduce skin irritation and other discomforts. We offer a variety of colors and specifications, which are suitable for various sports. The wristband have personality appearance trend, super sweat absorption effect, weaving method adopts breathable type, a variety of sizes and colors are there for your selection. Sweat absorption bracelets can be wiped at any time when exercising, saving a lot of paper towels. Some wash care instructions for you. 1. Avoid mixed washing with other clothes to prevent dyeing; 2. Hand washing is recommended instead of machine washing, dry cleaning or swing drying; 3. Do not wash in high temperature hot water, when the temperature exceeds 68 degrees Celsius, it will destroy the fiber structure, damage the product; 4. Do not bleach, or use cleaning agents containing bleach ingredients. Gentle and neutral detergent is recommended. 5. Do not use softener, softener will destroy the fiber structure, damage the product. Do not use this on injuries, people who are easy to suffer from dermatitis, sensitive to rubber or cross infection with caution, do not recommend sleep wear. Before the first use, it is recommended to wash, and the first wash may occur slight discoloration. Specifications:
Material Cotton, polyester, spandex
Size S, M, L
Color Red, orange, green, yellow or can be customized
Function Protect wrist, keep warm and safe
Superiority 1.Concise 2.Flexible 3.Durable 4.Comfortable
Characteristics 1.The elastic wrist support provides support to you
2.Helps to support wrist
3.Comfortable to wear
4.Elastic design won't affect your movement
5.The good compression can make your wrist covered completely
6.It provides comfort, superior flexibility and durability for daily wear

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